6 Natural Cures of Native Americans

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These were listed in First for Women, however I thought that they were worth repeating.

1.Insect Bites- use Coneflower. Also known as echinacea it helps ithcy welts like insect bites. Dab it on twice a day and use the alcohol free extract.

2.Brain Fog-use Sage.This aromatic spice has an antioxidant that helps keep the brain cells functioning at their peak.

3.Skin Problems-use Pumpkin Seeds. The oil in these seeds reduces inflammation as effective as non-steroidal drugs. Plus they are rich in skin healing copper and zinc.

4.Sleeplessness-use Passionflower.This herb doubles the brain’s output of serotonin which relaxes the nervous system.

5.Heal Aches and Pains-use Yarrow. The indian’s use this to make a poltice. They brew the tea with water and soak a cloth in the mix and apply it to sore muscles.

6.Constipation-use Cascara Sagrada. Sip a tea made from this herb. It triggers muscle contractions in the intestines. Do not use for more than one week.

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