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Flowers of Sulphur

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Flowers of Sulphur Powder, 16 oz (Sulfur, USP Grade)

The “Beauty Mineral” For Clear, Healthy Skin

  • Promotes clear complexion

  • Nourishes hair, skin & nails

  • Supports joint health
  • Here is how some people use sulfur.

    As I have mentioned in my book my family has a recipe dating back many years where we use sulfur powder twice a year with unsulphured molasses to purify the blood and keep you healthy.

    These are some other uses for sulfur. Sulfur is nature’s beauty mineral for healthy hair, beautiful skin & strong nails. In fact, it’s a vital component of collagen, the protein that helps skin maintain its youthful elasticity.

    However, this amazing mineral does more than promote skin health! The body uses Sulfur to maintain bone and joint health as well. It’s involved in the production of collagen, the principal protein of tendons and cartilage.

    Use Humco sublimed Sulfur with confidence. Our pure, USP grade Sulfur means it meets the United States Pharmacopoeia’s standard of high quality. Sulfur is an odorless, lime-colored, very fine powder.

    ALSO KNOWN AS: Brimstone, Flowers of Sulphur, Sulfur, Sulphur.

    Common use: Promotes clear, healthy-looking skin; promotes joint comfort; mineral detoxifier; skin care ointment (itchy skin, blemished skin).

    Suggested directions: To make ointment: Combine 1- 4 oz Sulphur powder, 6 oz Cocoa Butter and 1 oz Beeswax; heat together in covered pot on low heat for 3 hours; cool and use.


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    Summer is coming and many people have problems with cold sores.

    How do you prevent these nasty looking buggers? The medical community would have you believe that there is no hope and you are doomed to suffer the rest of you life. However that is not true there is a cure for the herpes simplex virus. Check out this site for more answers.    How to prevent herpes?,what is herpes and more. .

    Check out this site for more information to your questions about herpes.

    cold and flu

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    Botanic Choice Zinc A / C Lozenges 50 tablets

    I have been suffering and I mean suffering from a nasty cold and finally went to the doctor today. What did he suggest? Zinc! Yup something as simple as this little mineral I was missing and without taking nasty meds or spending a lot of money. So give this a try what have we got to lose. I will keep you posted on my results…….

    Hope you don’t get this nasty cold, but in the winter especially around the holidays we all tend to get run down. The previous Indian recipe I have to confess I only took once. It was gross. Give it a try if you are a trooper. I could not swallow the ginger and it smelled gross too. It may work great I was just too wimpy to stick with it…:)

    Change of Season

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    The change of season seems to bring with it a lot of viruses and opportunities for a cold or upper respiratory infection to start. What can you do? The most important thing especially for those of you that are busy is to make sure that you get enough sleep/rest and drink at least half your body weight in water a day.

    If you do manage to get sick take emergen c and if needed something like Mucinex to help keep the secrections thin and prevent you from getting bronchitus.

    Stay away from chocolate and dairy. This will just make it worse. Hope this helps.

    Rough Elbows

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    Here’s one for rough elbows. This only takes a few minutes and can be done with items in your kitchen. Cut a fresh lime in half and top with salt. Rub your elbow as if you were juicing the lime with a twisting motion. The acid in the lime removes tough layers of dry skin. If you have sensitive skin than try using sugar instead of salt. Since it’s summertime get a big glass add the lime with some sour mix use the salt to rim the glass with the salt and have yourself a refreshing margarita…

    See this stuff can be fun!!! with or without the alcohol your choice….


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    Ladies now that summer is here and it’s time for shorts and bathing suits I know I need help with some dimpled skin otherwise known as cellulite. Here is a quick fix from the kitchen that anyone can do. Mix 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup coffee grounds together. Apply to affected area (best to do in the shower) then massage for three to five minutes and rinse.

    Coffee draws excess water from the skin while the sugar plumps and exfoliates any dry skin.  It’s inexpensive and does the trick. Do this before heading to the beach or pool. You can do this as often as you like. Have fun ladies.


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    Do you suffer from yellow toenails, because of fungus? Now that summer is here and you want to wear flip flop or sandals there is a cure. Tea-tree oil. Just use on nails everyday. Then apply your favorite polish. They even have some nail polish with tee-tree oil in it to help your nails while looking fashionable at the same time. The website for the polish is:

    If you just apply polish without using tee-tree oil you will just be covering the fungus,but not curing it. So try this and good luck.

    Spring Allergies

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    When winter ends and spring begins a lot of people like me get cold/sinus problems. I sometimes get a chronic cough from the mucus that drips down my throat. Here is a natural cure that’s easy to do and you don’t need pills. Try steaming 2-3 drops of pine essential oil in  about two cups of hot water. Do not boil. Drape a towel over your head and breath in the vapors for about ten minutes. Pine is a strong antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties that will kick your cough to the curb in no time flat. The vapors soothe the irritated lining of your throat. Try this it works.

    Sore Muscles

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    Do you have sore muscles? Do you hate the overpowering smell of sports rubs like Ben Gay? Try this natural cure.

    Use about 12 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil with 1 oz. of sunflower or almond oil. Massage into sore muscles about two minutes once or twice a day. Eucalyptus essential oil contains phytochemicals which reduce painful swelling and inflammation. It also helps relax muscles improving the blood flow to the sore areas.

    Worth trying! Help get rid of sore muscles and no offending odor..You loved one won’t mind rubbing this on for you!

    Poison Ivy cont.

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    Try this remedy to dry it up really quick. I have to warn you that it will itch like crazy as it dries though. Mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with one egg white. Make a paste and apply to affected areas. Let it dry until it’s cracking and falling off. Rinse with warm water. It really works like magic. Hopefully you never have to try this, but if you do it works….

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