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I recently had a girl at work tell me that her mom had given her antibiotics like penicillin for a urine tract infection. Please do not take left over antibiotics. First you need a sulfur based antibiotic to treat this. By taking a regular antibiotic now she had to wait a week or two because her body would reject another antibiotic.
Do a little research before blindly taking something wrong. You will only suffer longer than necessary.

Dry-Cracked Heels

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This is one of my favorite natural remedies. Living here in the desert the first thing I noticed was that my nice soft feet, were now dry and cracked and ugly.
So when I stumbled upon this remedy I was thrilled. Now I would like to share it with you.
Take five aspirin and crush them (make sure it’s aspirin) you can go to the dollar store any but them. Mix with 1/2 tsp.lemon juice and 1/2tsp.water. Spread the mixture on heels. Leave on for 10 minutes then scrub gently with a pumice stone. Even deeply cracked calluses will vanish in 10 days if you do this every day.
For an added boost: spread vaseline on your feet at night and cover with white cotton socks. You will have wedding ready feet in no time.


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Have you ever wondered if caffeine is addictive? I can answer yes…I tried fasting and cutting out caffeine recently. I was having palpatations and then started getting dizzy. One of the customers at work was a doctor and he saw me and told me you have to cut caffeine out gradually. Going cold turkey as they say has bad effects on your body. It’s just like having a drug withdrawal….

So if your New Years resolution is to cut out caffeine, go slow. Don’t put your body under any more stress.


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Migraines are caused by nerve inflammation. One of the compounds that relieves this inflammation is phosphatases. You can find this in a cup of hot cocoa. Make sure that you choose a product that is at least 65% cocoa. However chocolate can cause headaches in some people. The better choice to get flavonoids with are healing is in a cup of green tea. Stear clear of artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors.

Sea Sickness

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Just got back from a Caribbean Cruise.
One thing that I noticed on an excursion on a smaller boat was some people including children were getting sea sick. We got to this island a day before the hurricane closed it down. So yes the water was a little rougher than normal, however it was beautiful and warm.

If you think you may be sea sick, it is much easier to visit your doctor before your trip and get a patch that you can put behind your ear or something to calm your stomach.

Treating it before you get sick is much easier that after. Just ask the people that this woman threw up on……
Take something with ginger to ease your stomach and please ask your doctor before you go. An ounce of prevention……Goes a long way.

Food Poisoning?

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Moldy orange

Food Poisoning?

When in doubt throw it out…..Keep that in mind. You can tell if you have food poisoning if you throw up( sorry to be so blunt) and if you still don’t feel better and keep throwing up for hours. Your body will feel like you have been run over by a truck!
If you are sick for longer than 24 hours go to a walk in medical place. You could have salmonella which can be lethal…

Lose Weight Fast

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How to lose weight fast.
These are the top five things.
1-Eat a rainbow of colors. Fruits and vegetables are so filling and contain a small number of calories.
2-East a big breakfast. Even if you only have a piece of fruit in will reduce your cravings and cut your calorie intake.
3-Eat smaller meat portions.Dieters that choose plant based protein lose fifty percent more weight.
4-Choose fats that rev metabolism.Nuts,avacados,olive oil and flax oil.
5-No white flour or sugar. Choose whole grains instead,they contain fiber and help reduce belly fat.

Skin Cancer

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This is one that there is no aches or pains associated with, however it is very serious. Over 2 million americans are treated for this every year.
Inspect your skin on a regular basis. Skin cancer does not have to be raised like a mole it can also just be flat brown or black spots and irregular in shape.
If you are out in the sun a lot or have had burns on your ears,scalp or any other body part and develope any unusual spots see a doctor. You also want to get checked is you have skin that is exposed to sunlight or tanning booths for extended periods of time.

Underarm Pimples

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Summer time is here and like most women that shave their armpits,sometimes you get little red pimples. Sometimes this can escalate into larger boils.
This is the time of year when staph bacteria thrives. It infects the hair follicles and causes these pimples.
Normally you can soak this area with a warm salt water compress a coulple times a day and this will resolve the issue.
If the pimples become larger like boils than treat as above and soak for about 10 minutes at a time. The boils should rupture and drain after a few days and you can apply an antibacterial cream to the area.
There is a way to prevent this from happening at all.
Try adding turmeric powder to warm water and drink this everyday.
It has antibacterial properties which will stop the bacterial skin infections.

Shortness of Breath

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Where do I begin? There could be a lot of causes for Shortness of Breath. Here are some:
1-smoking: Do I really need to lecture you on this one?
2-the way you breath: notice how babies breath from their belly. We grownups tend to breath very shallow and not use our lungs properly. Practice just a few minutes every day breathing for a count of eight from the belly, hold for eight and exhale for eight.
Your body needs oxygen….so practice this.
3-you may have an upper respiratory infection: does your chest feel heavy? See a doctor if this last more than a day.
4-Anxiety: just one of the symptoms.
5-stress: stress wreaks havoc on your body,so try to get some exercise,clear your head,have some fun.
6-Your heart: see a doctor if you feel faint and have pain in your arm.

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