Flowers of Sulphur

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Flowers of Sulphur Powder, 16 oz (Sulfur, USP Grade)

The “Beauty Mineral” For Clear, Healthy Skin

  • Promotes clear complexion

  • Nourishes hair, skin & nails

  • Supports joint health
  • Here is how some people use sulfur.

    As I have mentioned in my book my family has a recipe dating back many years where we use sulfur powder twice a year with unsulphured molasses to purify the blood and keep you healthy.

    These are some other uses for sulfur. Sulfur is nature‚Äôs beauty mineral for healthy hair, beautiful skin & strong nails. In fact, it’s a vital component of collagen, the protein that helps skin maintain its youthful elasticity.

    However, this amazing mineral does more than promote skin health! The body uses Sulfur to maintain bone and joint health as well. It’s involved in the production of collagen, the principal protein of tendons and cartilage.

    Use Humco sublimed Sulfur with confidence. Our pure, USP grade Sulfur means it meets the United States Pharmacopoeia’s standard of high quality. Sulfur is an odorless, lime-colored, very fine powder.

    ALSO KNOWN AS: Brimstone, Flowers of Sulphur, Sulfur, Sulphur.

    Common use: Promotes clear, healthy-looking skin; promotes joint comfort; mineral detoxifier; skin care ointment (itchy skin, blemished skin).

    Suggested directions: To make ointment: Combine 1- 4 oz Sulphur powder, 6 oz Cocoa Butter and 1 oz Beeswax; heat together in covered pot on low heat for 3 hours; cool and use.

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