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In addition to helping you lose weight and reduce your midsection vitamin D also does the following.

Did you know that taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily can reduce your risk of developing all cancers by 70%.  Isn’t that amazing? It will also reduce your risk of upper respiratory infections by 90%, arthritis 42%, multiple sclerosis by 40% and type 2 diabetes by up to 33%.

These statistics are from among others the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that once in the bloodstream is activated by the kidneys and turned into a hormone. This hormone level will be low if you do not have enough circulating vitamin D. Why is this critical? Because this hormone controls the the growth of cells.

Not only does this control fat cells, but cancer cells as well. This hormone tells fat cells to get smaller. Especially belly fat.

How exactly does vitamin D help belly fat?

It promotes fat metabolism

It drains fat cells

It will suppress your appetite

It will also increase muscle strength

Multiple studies have shown that the higher your levels of body fat, the lower your level of this circulating vitamin D.

Ask your doctor to test your levels. Be sure to ask for a “25-hydroxyvitamin D test”this test the circulating vitamin D not the active form.

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