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Ladies now that summer is here and it’s time for shorts and bathing suits I know I need help with some dimpled skin otherwise known as cellulite. Here is a quick fix from the kitchen that anyone can do. Mix 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup coffee grounds together. Apply to affected area (best to do in the shower) then massage for three to five minutes and rinse.

Coffee draws excess water from the skin while the sugar plumps and exfoliates any dry skin.  It’s inexpensive and does the trick. Do this before heading to the beach or pool. You can do this as often as you like. Have fun ladies.


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Do you suffer from yellow toenails, because of fungus? Now that summer is here and you want to wear flip flop or sandals there is a cure. Tea-tree oil. Just use on nails everyday. Then apply your favorite polish. They even have some nail polish with tee-tree oil in it to help your nails while looking fashionable at the same time. The website for the polish is:


If you just apply polish without using tee-tree oil you will just be covering the fungus,but not curing it. So try this and good luck.

Neck Pain

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Neck Pain
Did you know that a pain in your neck could actually be caused by a blockage in your throat chakra. Let me explain. If you hold in anger or frustration like me , it creates tension in your neck and shoulders.

So the first thing you need to do is find an outlet to express yourself. Try painting, writing, whatever you like doing and do it. This will help you work out the stress.

Exercise your neck and shoulders. Sitting or standing straight lean your head on your right shoulder, reach over with your right arm and rest it on the left side of your face and stretch your neck. Repeat on the other side when finished. You could also do shoulder rolls.

No need to suffer a pain in the neck…..


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Unfortunatley sunburn is a major problem during the summertime.Too many adult and children don’t realize that they are burnt until after they get out of the sun. So if you are one of those unfortunate ones   than I have a natural cure for you. Even though you or a loved one has a burn this remedy will feel extremely cold to them. My sister Nancy almost hit me when I applied this to her so be careful!!!

Mix one or two egg whites depending on the amount of area to be covered with 2-3 tbsps of apple cider vinegar. Apply to sunburned area and leave on for at least 15 minutes. This mixture will draw the heat out of the skin and bring you relief. Hope this helps. Talk to you soon.

Spring Allergies

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When winter ends and spring begins a lot of people like me get cold/sinus problems. I sometimes get a chronic cough from the mucus that drips down my throat. Here is a natural cure that’s easy to do and you don’t need pills. Try steaming 2-3 drops of pine essential oil in  about two cups of hot water. Do not boil. Drape a towel over your head and breath in the vapors for about ten minutes. Pine is a strong antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties that will kick your cough to the curb in no time flat. The vapors soothe the irritated lining of your throat. Try this it works.

Sore Muscles

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Do you have sore muscles? Do you hate the overpowering smell of sports rubs like Ben Gay? Try this natural cure.

Use about 12 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil with 1 oz. of sunflower or almond oil. Massage into sore muscles about two minutes once or twice a day. Eucalyptus essential oil contains phytochemicals which reduce painful swelling and inflammation. It also helps relax muscles improving the blood flow to the sore areas.

Worth trying! Help get rid of sore muscles and no offending odor..You loved one won’t mind rubbing this on for you!

Infection or Cold

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It’s that time of year. When the seasons change a lot of people get colds and or sinus infections. This easy solution can help you feel better in as little as forty eight hours. Oregano essential oil....Just add three drops to your juice or water. It’s rich in a compound that fights infections fast. Whether you have a sore throat,or sinus infection caused from all the lovely blooming trees and flowers etc.  Oregano works best when it is absorbed through the GI Tract. That is why i would recommend the essential oil versus tablets. Stop your cold in it’s tracts. Try this for approximately four of five days. Just once a day will keep the doctor away!

Joint Pain

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This may be a repeat however I run into so many people with joint pain.

Use Catherine’s choice aloe vera capsules. If you prefer buy aloe juice. Try this for a few weeks and you will feel so much better and not need to take any prescription meds. always check with your doctor though. What have you got to lose but some pain!!!

If you have not tried aloe yet, I would suggest you try it NOW!!!

To our health.


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Take a close look at the label of the lotion that you are using.If they contain the word paraben, such as butyl,-propyl, benzyl or methylparaben choose a healthy alternative instead. A 2004 study found parabens in breast tumors. Your skin is the biggest organ and absorbs these chemicals easily. Try a healthy alternative to lotion like spreading a thin coating of olive oil on your skin after a shower, this will lock in moisture. Your skin and your breast will thank you…..


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Did you know that certain weeds are poisonous? Even branches from a palm tree can cause severe skin conditions. If you pull weeds in your yard, make sure that you wear long sleeves and gloves. The skin rash can be severe and last 3 weeks or longer and you may have an allergic reaction,causing swelling also. Please use preventative measures and also wash your hands with soap and water after you finish.
And if you have pets you can also get the poison from their fur if you have plants and weeds that they come in contact with. Be careful and have an awesome spring.

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