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Here is a cure straight from my holistic doctors office. If you or a child have a cold or cough try this. Heard of Vicks Vapor Rub? Instead of putting it on your chest, rub it generously on the soles of your feet and put on cotton socks. It only takes about five minutes to feel hours worth of relief.Best to do at bedtime. Scientist don’t know why it works but it does.
In addition to being extremely soothing it will help you or your child sleep soundly.

Poison Ivy cont.

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Try this remedy to dry it up really quick. I have to warn you that it will itch like crazy as it dries though. Mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with one egg white. Make a paste and apply to affected areas. Let it dry until it’s cracking and falling off. Rinse with warm water. It really works like magic. Hopefully you never have to try this, but if you do it works….

Poison Ivy,Oak,Sumac

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Leaves of three, let them be!

I was so excited when I saw some of the perennials starting to grow. I watered them every day. The joke was on me. It was poison oak.
I saw a little rash on my forearm and everyday it got a little worse.
Once I realized what it was I tried the traditional Calamine lotion. Don’t waste your money. Besides the mess and staining my shirt it did not stop the itch at all.
So what did work. Organic Braggs apple cider vinegar and baking soda.Mix the two together. After it foams apply with a damp wash cloth and scrub ligthly. The minor discomfort will be worth it. You want to break up the little bumps filled with the poison to stop it from spreading . It spreads to other body parts easily. Rinse with warm water. It might sting a little. The itching will be relieved immediatley and for at least 8-12 hours. Repeat twice a day and you will see it start to dry up and heal within 24 hours. This is the greatest home remedy.Make sure to wear long sleeves or pajamas depending on where you have it so you don’t spread it…


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.I recently read an article about how many people contract salmonella from pet food. The center for disease control recommends not letting children under five come in contact with pet food. You should wash your hands after feeding your pet and wash the pet food and water dishes daily! If you wash them in the kitchen sink then you should sanitize the sink after with some type of disinfectant like lysol. Most inportant, avoid feeding your pet in the kitchen…..Something to think about. Not only can the food contain salmonella, but the pet can also shed the bacteria for up to 3 months after eating it


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I recently had a girl at work tell me that her mom had given her antibiotics like penicillin for a urine tract infection. Please do not take left over antibiotics. First you need a sulfur based antibiotic to treat this. By taking a regular antibiotic now she had to wait a week or two because her body would reject another antibiotic.
Do a little research before blindly taking something wrong. You will only suffer longer than necessary.

Dry-Cracked Heels

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This is one of my favorite natural remedies. Living here in the desert the first thing I noticed was that my nice soft feet, were now dry and cracked and ugly.
So when I stumbled upon this remedy I was thrilled. Now I would like to share it with you.
Take five aspirin and crush them (make sure it’s aspirin) you can go to the dollar store any but them. Mix with 1/2 tsp.lemon juice and 1/2tsp.water. Spread the mixture on heels. Leave on for 10 minutes then scrub gently with a pumice stone. Even deeply cracked calluses will vanish in 10 days if you do this every day.
For an added boost: spread vaseline on your feet at night and cover with white cotton socks. You will have wedding ready feet in no time.


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Teenagers think smoling makes you look cool, how wrong. After seeing the Bodies exhibit in Las Vegas and viewing the lungs of someone that smoked, I can tell you it’s not cool. The smokers that viewed the exhibit all dumped their cigarettes in the box provided and there were a lot of discarded packs.
I’ve seen so many people on oxygen and I know when I have a cold or bronchititus and can not breath properly that it is the most uncomfortable and scary thing you can experience.
Breathing is the most important part of our health without the ability to breath your DEAD.

If you have the opportunity to see The Bodies Exhibit and take your teen who thinks smoking is cool I would highly recommend it. It opened my eyes to a lot more things.


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Have you ever wondered if caffeine is addictive? I can answer yes…I tried fasting and cutting out caffeine recently. I was having palpatations and then started getting dizzy. One of the customers at work was a doctor and he saw me and told me you have to cut caffeine out gradually. Going cold turkey as they say has bad effects on your body. It’s just like having a drug withdrawal….

So if your New Years resolution is to cut out caffeine, go slow. Don’t put your body under any more stress.


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Migraines are caused by nerve inflammation. One of the compounds that relieves this inflammation is phosphatases. You can find this in a cup of hot cocoa. Make sure that you choose a product that is at least 65% cocoa. However chocolate can cause headaches in some people. The better choice to get flavonoids with are healing is in a cup of green tea. Stear clear of artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors.

Sea Sickness

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Just got back from a Caribbean Cruise.
One thing that I noticed on an excursion on a smaller boat was some people including children were getting sea sick. We got to this island a day before the hurricane closed it down. So yes the water was a little rougher than normal, however it was beautiful and warm.

If you think you may be sea sick, it is much easier to visit your doctor before your trip and get a patch that you can put behind your ear or something to calm your stomach.

Treating it before you get sick is much easier that after. Just ask the people that this woman threw up on……
Take something with ginger to ease your stomach and please ask your doctor before you go. An ounce of prevention……Goes a long way.

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